It is my goal, first and foremost, to make high quality equipment made from the best materials available.  Basic sets are offered at competitive prices.  As an artist, I also wanted to develop customization options for those who desire a truly one-of-a-kind set.  

-Megan Messinger 


Material (DACRON)

The Dacron used in my equipment is the highest quality available.  It is extremely robust, firm, and abrasion resistant.  The strands are individually waxed and tightly braided, producing a rigid result to minimize twisted equipment and to deter the bird from picking.  Polyester based Dacron is inherently UV resistant, and available in a variety of earth-tone colors.

left size M, right size L

button jesses

For those who worry about the strength of button jesses, allow me to put your mind at ease.  Button jesses are only as good as the strength of the button.  I strictly use two doubled up bronze 4-hole buttons.  I prefer the 4-hole buttons over 2-hole because it provides a more even strain distribution, creating a stronger result.  A thin coat of epoxy is applied to the top, which seals and protects the strands.  



The classic rose sennit knot is a functional and aesthetically pleasing button.  They are tightly and evenly braided, and sealed for a long-lasting result.


BRAid quality

My equipment is braided with a tight 8 strand square braid, producing a stiff but still pliable result.  Stiff equipment is necessary to prevent the braid from twisting, and to keep the swivel spinning properly.



A common wear point on a jess is just under the button.  To solve this problem, brass collars can be added to your sets.  The collars are beveled, polished and carefully adhered to sit smoothly on the jess.  Not only do they increase durability, but they also produce an aesthetically pleasing result.

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 11.23.14


Metal button accents can be added to your jesses, available in buffalo nickel or celtic knot.  These are not shank buttons, they are carefully adhered to the top of the 4-hole buttons or sennit knots.  They are extremely light, you need not worry about them weighing down your equipment.